Among the questions received from the users, we have listed what can be received.
If there is no corresponding question or if the question is not resolved, etc.
Please feel free to ask questions from
the telephone (📞 070-4333-9740) or the inquiry form.

Can I arrange a parking space for one car?
There is a parking space for one tent per tent.
Can I add an extra bed to my tent room for a 2-day stay?
The total charge for the entire stay, 3000 yen per person. (It will be the same price even in one day only)
The bed in the tent will be a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is cleaned every time.
In official HP, it seemed to be able to do BBQ at night, but is this plan a plan without BBQ?
Yes. BBQ is an additional charge.
Equipment rental fee will be 3000 yen with charcoal and ignition agent in one group.
When preparing ingredients here, summer plan will be 2500 yen per person.
There is a breakfast of ¥ 1500 per person, but is it not a mistake that this is added to the room rate?
Yes, it will be 1500 yen per person separately with the accommodation fee.
Can I bring in drinks and ingredients?
Drinks and food are free.
Do you have facilities such as a washroom?
There is a bathroom and toilet. In addition, there is an open-air bath (with a shower room) for guests using dome tents.
In addition, bathing of visitor using tent is guided to hot spring facility, Fudoyu of town government.